ail and merry met!
My Name is Azrael and IŽd like to welcome you on my Guitarpages.
Here IŽd like to give everyone who is interested hints, tips and pointers on how to master the ways of the Electric Guitar. In the Music-Section there will be past and present music-projects that I am working on, from simple scratches to complete works. "The Gargoyle" contains information about myself, what I`m doing and why.
Playing the Guitar and writing music has, for many years now, played a vital role in my life. IŽd like to share my experience and knowledge and help others along their ways. There is still alot left to learn out there for all of us - so we might aswell do it together. I hope you enjoy your stay and I would be glad if you keep on coming back!

Sir Azrael G. Stargazer